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The Protein Express Diet: Rapid Weight Loss with a Simplified Low Carb, High Protein Diet
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The Protein Express Diet: Rapid Weight Loss with a Simplified Low Carb, High Protein Diet

M. R. Ford

The Protein Express Diet is a proven protein-intensive, low-carb diet with a strong emphasis on fast and easy food preparation. It is a rapid weight loss diet that is ideal for busy people who often find themselves relying on fast food or processed, easy-to-prepare meals. The Protein Express Diet offers a simple 5-step plan for rapid weight loss, as well as a specific strategy for avoiding weight regain once reaching your goal. The book is full of tips, techniques and strategies that can be used either independently or in conjunction with nearly any other low-fat or low carb diet. The book also covers exercise and thermal weight loss techniques, and introduces a revolutionary way to burn more calories while walking. The book includes these chapters: Chapter 1: Overview of Macronutrients and The Importance of Protein * Explains the role of the macronutrients: carbohydrates, fat and protein. Also covers the role of the hormone insulin, and explains the critical role of protein. * Includes an overview of low-carbohydrate, protein-intensive diets, the advantages of these diets, and why they work. Chapter 2: The Protein Express Diet * Gives specific instructions for creating highly nutritious, affordable and easy to prepare protein-intensive meals. * Covers a simple 5-step plan for using the Protein Express Diet to achieve rapid weight loss -- and then keep the weight off forever. * Alternatively, shows how to use the Protein Express Diet in conjunction with virtually any other diet. * Covers the Protein Express Diet for vegans or vegetarians. * Offers suggestions for breaking a fast food and snack habit. * Provides a specific strategy for “drawing a line in the sand” regarding weight gain once you get into the maintenance phase of your diet, and provides a highly effective and proven technique for taking immediate action so you can stop yo-yo weight gain in its tracks. Chapter 3: Exercise * Introduces walking as an exercise and explains why it is the most effective choice for a on-going exercise plan that you are likely to stick with over time. * Offers specific tips for making walking more enjoyable and tools to help select an outdoor route. * Describes an innovative way to “turbo charge” your walking so that you can burn more fat and develop more muscle without the need to invest more time. This technique does not require any extra equipment or expense and will work with either outdoor or treadmill walking. * Offers tips on developing a very simple and very fast (as little as 10 minutes per workout) plan for using weight training to retain muscle mass during weight loss and build muscle and strength over the long term. * Includes the basic facts -- supported by real research -- that you need to know in order to develop quick and easy workouts that you are more likely to stick with. This section is NOT geared toward bodybuilding or people who want highly intensive training, but rather those who want to stay fit with the absolute minimum investment of time and energy. Chapter 4: Thermal Weight Loss Techniques * This chapter provides an overview of some relatively new ideas on the impact of temperature on weight loss. About the Author The author is a scientific/technical professional who conquered obesity and a strong genetic tendency to gain weight using the techniques described in this book. He has maintained his weight for over twenty years. The Protein Express Diet grew out of decades of personal experience, self-experimentation and deep research into the science of nutrition and weight loss.

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